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      Welcome Tongli Grain Machinery!
      Wuxi Tongli Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. in association with Jiangsu Honggang Industries Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D, fabrication and installation of animal feed machine, biomass pelletizing machine, biological fermentation equipment and organic fertilizer production line.
      Main scope of supply
      1The design, manufacturing and installation of complete feed processing project output 2.5-70 t/h.
      2The design, manufacturing and installation of various biological fermentation project.
      3The manufacturing of single feed machine and accessories.
      4PLC control system for feed factories.
      5Consulting services for feed machine and feed processing techniques.
      6Renovation and refurbishment of old feed plants.
      Fine Fabrication, Full-dimensional Service, Forwarding Prosperity
      The company adheres to an enterprise culture of “Professional Manufacturing, Sincere Service and Common Prosperity”
      and aimed at satisfying our clients
      We focus on every single product and emphasizes every single indent to pursue rapid delivery
      We have the courage to face all needs and make an effort to meet them, We treat our clients with a heartfelt attitude to provide satisfactory services
      Taking integrity as our basis, quality as a guarantee, technology as a guidance, we welcome clients both at home and abroad
      We purse a mutual benefit and common development with all clients. We welcome global guests to visit and cooperate with our company
      More>News developments and notice announcements
      We cherish your call to us.
      +86 132 1878 5797Tel (8:00-18:00)
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